Jenny Lester

Roots music performer, songwriter and teacher from

Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.

Bluegrass Harmony – Karla Mundy & Jenny Lester

One of the beauties of bluegrass harmony is that there is a solid approach and structure to rely upon that crosses genres and cultures. Together we will learn a repertoire of songs, first by identifying the melody and the chord progression; then we’ll learn how to create 2, 3, and 4 note chord structures by using feeling and theory.  We will repeat the process until it becomes something you trust for its consistency. We’ll also address vocal techniques, tone, phrasing and blend.  Through large groups you will have the opportunity to learn different harmony parts, and then try them out in a trio or quartet.  Be prepared to laugh as we bump around the process and shiver when it all comes together in harmonic beauty.

Jenny Lester

Raised in a little cabin in Driftwood Canyon with horses and a family band, those roots took deep hold as my life grew.  Journeys in a converted sheep van from Smithers to the Coombs Country Bluegrass Festival, Military Aircraft Carriers through the South Pacific for the USA DOD, playing with John Reischman in movies, recording albums, touring the world with Hungry Hill, Bob’s bus, breaking into camp grounds after a show to get to the rv... New Zealand, Australia and the magic crew of musicians...we went as Australians and a Canadian pretending to be American in a Wild West Show of Taiwain.  Between all the hardworking bands the world has been magically spinning with music!

Driftwood Canyon Family Band, Just For Fun, Dark Horse, Hungry Hill, Bluegrass Signal... and all the wonderful configurations of friends over the years with so much more to come.

Performances and Workshops 2017:

June 25 : Vancouver BC, CA - BIG WHOOP! House Concert

June 27 - July 2: Port Townsend WA, USA- Voiceworks

July 10 - 15: Gambier Island BC, CA - SongRoots

August 4: Smithers BC  Music On Main - Bovill Square

August 24: Vancouver BC  - Big Whoop! SOLD OUT

Sept 2: Smithers BC - Hudson Bay Lodge

Oct 7: Medicine Hat AB - Western Music Show featuring Jenny Lester with Kayla Hotte & Ross Nickerson

OCT 13-15: Edmonton AB - Camp He Ho Ha

Oct 28: Smithers BC - Cancelled by Venue

Nov 10 - Big Whoop! North Vancouver House Concert

Living Room Harmony Sessions:
Available for booking 2017/18

Invite your local community and friends to a space for a two-hour, 3 Part Harmony Singing Workshop.  No experience required and groups who sing together are welcome.  To set one up in your hometown send an email rootsmusiclessons at or phone 250-877-0674

Workshops $30/Person, $50 per family.

SongRoots - Dig Deep. Branch Out. Sing On…

July 10 – 14 2017

Fircom on Gambier Island, BC

Medicine Hat, Alberta, October 7 2017 !!

Big Whoop!

Songs of Love, Loss & Laughter

Don’t miss the intimate evening of old-time, country, bluegrass and other song traditions as well as original material.

Big Whoop! Features the heartfelt vocal harmonies of Karla Mundy and Jenny Lester, who recently have joined forces to perform after years of teaching harmony singing together.  Tim Tweedale (dobro) and Patrick Metzger (bass) provide instrumental accompaniment and sweet third harmony parts.

Booking now !! rootsmusiclessons @ 250 - 877 - 0674

Kayla Hotte & Jenny Lester
Growing up on Bluegrass can lead you to the Honky Tonks... Both Kayla Hotte (Alberta) and Jenny Lester (BC) grew up in musical families influenced by the community of Bluegrass music.  In one inspired late night jam at an NBC workshop in 2016 they discovered a  common passion for a repertoire of songs from country legends including Kitty Wells, Buck Owens and George Jones. Hear the voices of these two beloved Canadian, multi-instrumentalist, singers come together to put a tear in your smile and make you want to hold someone you love.